14 | Rama Road in front of Rama Elementary School / by keihly moore

Put a multi-use path, planted median, gateway, and nice flowers on it!

By Keihly Moore

Before: Rama Road in front of the Elementary. Notice what you run into when you cross the road to go to school. 

After: Take four 12' lanes and bring more diversity to the street with an 8' multi-use path on both sides, planted median where no one is turning, and create an interesting gateway into the school, creating an easy connection.

The street is designed for speeds higher than the posted speed limit. As a result, vehicles move fast and it's uncomfortable to walk along the road, much less bicycle, or cross the street. With two schools on this stretch of road, which is bordered by many neighborhoods, it's especially important to build walking/cycling infrastructure so families can increase their health by walking and reducing the traffic on the street. 

Instead of four 12' lanes with two 6' sidewalks on either side (and no buffer), why not design two 11.5' travel lanes with a 13' planted median/turn lane,  4' planted buffer, and 8' multi-use trail? These new improvements fit into the existing ROW. We must strive to increase the diversity of the street users, to make the quality of life better for all.