spot medians

7 | South Boulevard Crossing by keihly moore

Put a painted crosswalk, street trees, and spot medians on it! 

by Keihly Moore

Before: South Boulevard crossing at Rensselaer Ave. 

Note that the above picture does show an improvement. This "pedestrian island" was installed just a few months ago. Many have noted that the busy South Boulevard acts as a divide for pedestrians between Dilworth and South End. The wide street with fast moving traffic does little to invite a crossing on foot, despite the tasty places like Crispy Crepe and Nova's Bakery, found on opposite sides near this intersection. 

After: Add painted crosswalks, street trees, and spot medians to slow traffic and help pedestrians feel safer. 

These improvements, seen above, really would be a first step in a series of improvements to dissolve the walking-driving conflict on this corridor. More on-street parking and bike lanes can also be used to make it a more welcoming street to cross.