22 | Update! It's Built! / by keihly moore

Put (real) stripes and a curb cut on it!

Way back in January 2014, I dreamt of making more obvious a connection that was natural to all those who "jaywalked" across Church Street to their favorite watering hole. Now, thanks to lots of work in the City and advocacy by Scott Curry, the stripes are real! 

After for real: May 2015 - the connection is complete! Put stripes and a curb cut on it! (photo: Dylan McKnight)

I've heard second hand that the image I imagined provided a good start to the conversation and got everyone on the same page for what the crosswalk could look like. It's a spark that started the fire! 

Before: Fall 2013: No midblock crosswalk, despite the obvious beckoning of Latta Arcade.

After (proposed): My vision of what it could look like. 

Yay for getting things done! Thanks to Dylan McKnight who took the current photograph.